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We create timelines events.

– Weddings

– Birthday

– Baby Showers

– Bridal Showers

– Unveilings

– Corporate celebrations

– Client/donor appreciation events

– Branding and product launches

– Grand openings

– Funeral Set-up

– Graduation

– Photoshoots

– Private Dinners

– Set Decor/Production

– Movie/TV Show premiers


Services  We Offer

– Furniture Hire

– Glass Marquee Hire

– Gazebo Hire




We provide a full range of event management services that include;

Event Planning & Management

We plan your event, create timelines, manage and act as liaison between you and your vendors. We choreograph all the activities and tasks that when put together create a show that  will make memories for a lifetime.

Event Design

In order to make every event memorable and unique; we work closely with you to create stunning themes and décor, visual displays. Completely transforming spaces to add your personality and brand to all of your events.

Logistics & Operations Management

We are ready for the unique set of logistical challenges that comes with hosting any kind of event, these include; Delivery management, receipt, storage, installation & maintenance of equipment, asset tracking and reverse logistics.

Tents & Marques, Furniture & Decor Hire

We have a comprehensive inventory of furniture, equipment and decor that includes:

Marques, tents, stretch tents, Furniture, Various chairs and tables, Couches, Ottomans, Carpets, various flooring, Dance floors, Outdoor heaters, Cooler tables and ice buckets, Floodlights, Bars, Counters and fridges, Cocktail tables and chairs, Garden Umbrellas and more.

Pre & Post Event Cleaning

Events shouldn’t be hosted in messy venues and events can get messy. Enjoy your event, we’ll sort out the mess. We prepare your venue; indoors and outdoors. Prepare the surroundings. Maintain a clean venue by clearing unsightly rubbish like cans, paper, and bottles during the event. Landscaping for outdoor events. Cleaning the ablution facilities. Rehabilitating the venue after the event.


Service excellence and family values are at the core of all of our interactions. We generously throw in a positive attitude, are always supportive of our clients and one another. We aim to make every event special & memorable, we pride ourselves in offering haute eventing services.


Free Consultations

During consultations we get to know you so as to incorporate your personality and company culture into your events, ensuring the best possible representation of your company and brand.


Capacity and Experience

We have the infrastructure and experience to help you host a world-class event throughout Southern Africa.



We don’t like to do the same thing twice; our dynamic team will present you with fresh and creative ideas to make every event a Haute affair.


Diverse & Comprehensive

We have broad experience from having planned and managed events from small private parties to huge corporate and government events, we have the expertise to deliver on and surpass your expectations.



Professional service guarantees client satisfaction. This focus on professionalism, service excellence, and strong business foundations has enabled us to help our clients realize their dreams and goals and in turn, realize our own.


What makes us tick?


We believe in our family, empowering them to discover and nurture their individual talents and abilities. With the freedom to grow and learn our people give their best work every time. These results in a team that is passionate about what they do, always upholding NONO Events standards, with unmatched staff moral.


We are passionate about events; you just need to see our teams in action. A passion for delivering the latest in decor and haute eventing.


Always striving for better, always aiming to surpass our best.


We always go the extra mile to bring you something fresh and original. Sourcing the latest innovations and decor to make your event truly special.


We always go the extra mile to bring you something fresh and original. Sourcing the latest innovations and decor to make your event truly special.